Hamburger Press | You save and you know what you eat

Instead of buying packaged hamburgers, which you do not know what meat they use, buy a burger press. You save and you will not have to make hamburgers by hand.

The burger press is one of those 2-dollar products that seem useless but ultimately takes a mess .

Number one enemy laziness in the kitchen

Often we are really lazy (not to say with the lead ass), we want to make us at home a turbo mega hamburger of those that Ronald MacDonald  can only envy, but then we arrive in front of the counter and we buy these burgers for two that when you cook them they shrink, they take on strange colors and you have no idea what meat they are made of.

Making hamburgers by hand is easy , in the end you just need minced meat (pork or beef) typically with a maximum of 15% fat and then decide how best to believe if you add some ingredients (whether garlic, onion or just salt and pepper or not even that).

There is talk of making balls, pounding the meat a little and so on.

But above all, you save money. Why pay burgers "brand" that we do not know what meat they choose, where does it come from, when we can buy beef or pork chops or anything else at zero km or choose it, buying a kilo at the price we would buy some hamburgers?

The burger press also helps the most hampered of cooks

Nothing stratospheric. But sometimes we are a bit lazy or we are just prevented from making a hamburger not only genuine but also nice, solid that you do not disassemble on the barbecue, we do not want to make this rattle and avoid doing mega burgers with friends. Here comes in helps an accessory for barbecue lovers: the hamburger press!

In short, just make us take our friends' ass because our burger has an obscene shape or gets disassembled on the grill.

However, for me the most useful thing about the hamburger press is just that press.

The act of throwing my meatball in an evil way with power on the cutting board, making or mincing micro pieces of meat everywhere is now gone but above all it's easier for me to make stuffed hamburgers , burgers with other ingredients and even vegetarian burgers for my vegan friends (scones maroni)

But beware, there is a press and presses for hamburgers

There are a lot of burger presses on the market , some really original, some with obscene prices that I'm ashamed to name them. As always we will suggest those with the best value for money, because in addition to quality we want our arm to remain short!

The cheapest: Double press for Hamburger at 10 euros

At about 10 euros [check availability and prices] we find the first of the hamburger presses of this article.


  • Excellent materials
  • Hamburger diameter of 11 cm
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-adherent
  • Wooden handle, does not heat up


  • Not high thickness (a stuffed hamburger is complicated)
  • Deep grooves (which for the BBQ are great)

Press for single hamburger


Excellent materials, excellent grooves, less than 10 euros [check availability and price] we find the single hamburger press made by Broil Master, leader of gas barbecues.

For those looking for a single press is one of the best.

Metal Hamburger mold, for those who do not mess around in the kitchen

At a price of 18 euros [check availability and price] , we find this mold that makes you understand the stability and the invoice of the materials.

Diameter of 10 cm and the thickness in the mold allows us to make stuffed burgers. Obviously more expensive but eternal and perfect for maniac burgers!

Press for mini burgers

Diameter of around 6.5 cm allows us to make mini burgers, costs only 19 euros [check availability and price] , perfect for children or even if we want to make meatballs uniform and not meat, where usually big burgers are likely to dismount ( veggie burgers , fish burgers etc)


Paper pads for freezing Hamburgers or for use in the press


A cool accessory is the paper disks ( 7 euros 250 pieces ), in practice you can use the disks (diameter 10.5 cm) both to put in the press, not to stick the meat to the press , and when you want to make an ocean of burgers and you want to freeze them , using the flasks between a hamburger and the other , so that the hamburger can not be disassembled in the freezer.

And the meat grinder for hamburgers?

At € 60 [check availability and prices] you can also get the meat grinder for hamburgers or something else.

This is the Clatronic model, others so cheap it is impossible to find.

– 3 discs: 9 mm, 6 mm or 3 mm 
– Attachment for Kibbe (full meatballs) 
– Metal discs 
– Attack for sausage production
– Reverse function 
– Maximum time at maximum operating load: 10 minutes (then at rest for half an hour) 
– Flow per hour approx: 15kg 
– Power supply: 1200 watts

At that point you will have no more excuses , you'll always know what you're eating. Also perfect for those with dogs and cats and wants to do the barf diet , also chopping chicken type bones etc.

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