Keep the meat vacuum-packed how long?

One of the questions that we often ask ourselves is: how much does the meat last? Putting food under vacuum is a very simple process that extends the storage time but not only, here are all the properties

Store under vacuum

It is very important to know how the meat is vacuumed because it is important to keep in mind that when you are dealing with food the indications of conservation are not just simple advice but very strict rules to follow literally for this , as well as for all other foods!

Taking these things lightly can pose very high risks to your health , so do not be pissed off by the chicken thighs left in the fridge for 1 week trying to convince yourself that if you cook them there is no PPROBLEMA!

Having said that, a very effective way to prevent wasting and avoid the proliferation of a tent camp of bacteria is to keep food under vacuum .

Without doing a microbiology lesson, the explanation is very simple, conserving vacuum means depriving the oxygen, thus creating an absolutely inhospitable environment for bacteria and molds increasing the duration up to 5 times  and the discussion is also valid especially when you want to keep them vacuum-packed in the freezer, where even the taste will remain unchanged for a longer time and to do it is sufficient a machine with very low costs such as this -> Vacuum Machines

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Marinating and vacuum cooking

Marinate vacuum-packed

Want to shoot a Canadian Bacon to your friends

If on the one hand to keep food under vacuum, it helps to lengthen its life, using this technique to make a marinade can reduce the time necessary up to 70% because by removing the air the sauce is literally pushed inside the meat fibers ensuring also a greater tenderness and juiciness! Seeing is believing.


In this table that you will find below we will explain both the vacuum-packed meat as it is a summary mirror of different types of food such as dry food, vegetables and fish

Room temperature:

Food Not vacuum packed Vacuum
 Bread  2 days  8 days
 Rice  150 days  365 days
 Biscuits  150 days  365 days
 Dried Fruit  120 days  365 days

In the fridge:

Food Not vacuum packed Vacuum
Red and white meats 2-3 days 6-8 days
Fish 1-3 days 4-6 days
Sliced ​​cold cuts 3-5 days 15-20 days
Seasoned cured meats 15-20 days 150-180 days
Vegetables 2-3 days 7-9 days
Fruit 4-6 days 15-20 days
Soft cheeses 4-6 days 15-20 days
Hard cheeses 14-18 days 30-60 days
Fresh pasta 3-5 days 16-20 days
Sweets (tart type) 3-5 days 12-15 days
Minestrone 2-3 days 6-8 days

In Freezer:

Food Not vacuum packed Vacuum
Meats 3-5 months 10-15 months
Pisces 2-3 months 9-12 months
Fruits and vegetables 7-9 months 15-20 months

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