Smoker Boxes To smoke even in the gas BBQ

Today we talk about smoking boxes, a simple accessory that we use inside the barbecue to store wood chips to smoke.

I had already spoken in another article of the Smoker Barbecue (Smoker) that we recommend, but this time is different, we talk about the accessory, a simple box smoker to put inside your BBQ (even gas) to spread the aroma of the sticks you will use.

It does not say the doctor that you have to use the smoking boxes, but if you are in the first experience it is not easy to manage the wet wood placed directly on the charcoal and for the gas barbecue put the wood directly on the burners means to set a fire .

They arrive safely these boxes smokers, the size of a shoe box, but less high or smaller, like a videotape.

The box is opened, the shavings are put inside to smoke, they are placed on the direct heat or on the igniters of the gas barbecue and you're done.

Wet or soaked in Rhum for 20 minutes, protected by the box to last longer and not to burn on the burners .

Various models, cheap enough to buy them without worries. If they were more expensive, it would be worth self-constructing them!

Perfect for gas barbecues.

Weber smoker's box

Incredibly choosing weber is not "so" expensive compared to other brands

23 euros [check availability]

Box Charcoal companion

One of the most used even if one of the most "simple"

26 eur or [check availability]

Broil King Smoker Box

At 32 euros [check availability and price] from broil king a smoking box designed to doc for gas barbecues

To understand this is the one in the opening photo. You lean it on the burners and you're done.

Smoking boxes Campingaz

The model of Campingaz could not be missing. Among the various smoking boxes this has an excellent value for money and quantity of well-distributed holes.

At only 22 euros [check availability and price] a perfect model to be placed on burners, on the plate or in the kettle.

BBQ Master smoker box

From the producers of the legendary support for the chicken to the beer here is a metal box to place shavings to smoke.

19 euros [check availability and price]

Leopold model


13 euros [check availability]

Someone complains about the hot management, but I say to myself: obviously it becomes hot using a tool, no? Pearls to pigs !

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